Who's ready to start the new year off with a new challenge???

52 week challenge / contest 

Last year I took on a amazing challenge that I absolutely loved doing.  Life can get incredibly busy and I was missing little moments with my kids.  I promised myself that I was going to document my children's life, even if it was only for 5 minutes a day.  

Capturing these sweet little moments from everyday things has been one of the best things I can do for my kids.  Before these memories get  mushed into a blurred memory, I will have them documented and be able to share these little moments with my children and grandchildren.  

Next year I am going to take this challenge on again.  I encourage you to do this challenge with.  I am going to start a 52 week challenge with all of you.   Each week I'm going to post a theme and I encourage you to document your days (kids, dogs, yourself, life).  I will choose the top ten images that I absolutely love and feature them on my blog <3

You do not have to be a professional at all, you do not need a professional camera.  I want to encourage you to capture life everyday.  This is the goal, it doesn't have to be professionally done.  

I will make a album on my facebook page dedicated to the theme for that week.  Post up to 2 images in that album throughout the week. 
Wanna join the group??  Click HERE

So who's ready to take this challenge with me??  Don't worry this is going to be amazing and at the end of the year your going to look back and be amazed and in ah at what you captured.  

Keep following my blogs.  I will be posting helpful tips on how to capture the sweet little moments you've always wanted.  

Feel free to share and have your friends follow along and join the journey as well.  

Click HERE if you would like to join the challenge.  

xo - cassie