Crazy time of year for photographers, and I couldn't be more blessed!!!


It's been a pretty tough time in the Wilson household lately.  Raising little people can be draining, especially when you have twin toddlers.  Between the sleep deprivation, running a full time photograph business, my husband working a full time job, and just plan life throwing massive curve balls one after another, I still find myself feeling like the luckiest person alive.   Yes there are days were I find my husband and myself just surviving the day, hurrying through the day just to get to the next one; but at the end of it all we alway find time for each other and for our kids.  


Cassie Wilson Photography Groton Family Photographer CT Family Photographer CT Children Photographer Groton Mystic Stonington

This time of year is one of the toughest times for photographers.  Between multiple sessions a day, late night hours editing, numerous emails being replied to, and the list goes on and on.  I love all my clients and grateful for being so busy, and I know I wouldn't be able to get through any of it without my husband.  He never complains when I'm up late editing, or running to the next session, or forgets to grab the one thing he ask for on my way home from a session...sorry babe!!!  He just gets the job done and never lets me down.  I truly believe I am as successfu in this field because I have such an amazing support system in my husband.  

I know I sure do not say it nearly enough, but thank you babe for all you do.  I love ya, alway have!!!!  


Cassie Wilson Photography Groton Family Photography CT Family Photography CT Children Photographer Mystic Photographer Stonington Photographer

So take a minute to think about all you're grateful for.  With so much bad and ugly in the world, we forget to focus on what really matters.  We forget to realize how grateful we truly are for the ones who put up with our crap everyday LOL. 

Feel free to share a picture in the comments and let me know what your grateful for this year. 


xo - cassie